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Gorgeous Woman – Digital Painting

So, I was trying to achieve sakimichan’s style, but just doesn’t understand it until now, and I ended up using my own realistic style . I really want to achieve the realistic, and at the same time looks like a fantasy image. But anyway, I guess this one turned out well, better than I expected. Here Read more [...]

Olaf’s new brother

Still can’t get over it. My neighbors are still singing “let it go”. Hehe. http://digitalartistbem.deviantart.com/https://www.behance.net/Adiadara Check out my “the making” Read more [...]

Aelita and Kari – Wrestling Buddies

Yoho! I finished another artwork, and tried using “anime” kind of technique, and I think I achieved what I envisioned! Check out the process!   Read more [...]

Rapunzel Dance – Tangled Movie Scene

    Hello everyone. This is my first hand drawn animation. I used wacom bamboo tablet, and photoshop. And gosh, this art has 36 frames….isn’t it great? And I think I finished this for 4-5 hours. If it doesn’t work, please open it in another window/tab. Yeah, it didn’t work. You can Read more [...]

Astrid Pacquiao The Making

Astrid, is one of my favorite heroes. She is strong and brave, unafraid of anything! Rawr! So what I did is basically draw, use reference pictures…..I drew using pencil, and then inked. So this is the scanned and edited image: I used photoshop, adjusted the level, brightness, contrast, exposure Read more [...]

Secret Garden Anime Painting

Finally I’ve finished my drawing/painting of this anime girl smelling the flowers on the secret garden. It took me, I guess 4-5 hours to finish this. I used adobe photoshop for the draft, then I used illustrator for the line art. Then I used photoshop again to color it. Any suggestions on how to improve Read more [...]

Mean – Taylor Swift Drawing Animation Music Video Lyrics

Hi guys! I was so inspired watching videos of “how to draw” lately, that I decided to draw using the stories from songs that I love. And I really like Taylor’s songs, very cute. So this is the first one, maybe I will be uploading more in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! And by the way, my drawings Read more [...]

Hello Summer! Summer Belongs To You

  Summer Belongs to you! Adobe Photoshop CS6 Wacom Bamboo Inspiration: Phineas and Ferb Bemmygail.com welcomes summer with warm colors, and cute smile!       Hello everyone! I’m trying to achieve a super high definition anime image, and after 3 hours, this is what Read more [...]

Online Exhibit – First Year Collection

Hello everyone. This post will show you all my 2013-2014 school year artworks. I left the grades visible so that I can remember my mistakes and my progress. These are all traditional drawing/painting/craft works, we’re not yet starting with digital arts. There are other photos that are not in good Read more [...]