Fashion Tips and Resources 2012

There are a lot of resources about fashion on the internet. This blog will talk about resources we can get, ideas we can learn, and things we can use to have a good fashion style everyday.

  1. – Let’s start with the hair, we all want different styles of hair everyday, or maybe have a style that can be considered classic for your everday look. We also want unique styles of makeup everyday, or depending on the places we go to. We’d love to match our clothes and makeup with the occasion too. Youtube has a lot of options you can check. I’d love to recommend two females on youtube who can help you take care of your face and makeup:
    • Michelle Phan – specializes with the day to day beauty tips and tutorials for makeup, or seasonal makeup styles.
    • Promise Phan – She is a relative of Michelle Phan, and her style would be to imitate the makeup style of the celebrities – or make you look like the celebrity you wanted. You can be Taylor Swift, or Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp just by being creative with your face and your resources – makeup.
    • – this is an awesome fashion resource you can check for your outfits. They’ve got top outfits everyday; make sure to check them out because they can give you ideas of your outfits, and even accessories for the day. You can even join and post your own picture!
  2. – this is an online market place where you can search for clothes, this website also gave me a lot of ideas about my fashion clothing styles everyday. Just type in something you wanted to wear like a bag, choose the design you liked and check the pictures the model would be wearing so that you can have an idea what color or styles would fit the bag you wanted.This time, if you have no time for the internet or you can’t decide what to wear even though you’ve already checked the internet or you just can’t find those clothing styles available on your local stores then here are some tips you can use to be creative with your style even without the resources mentioned above.

  3. Ukay2x, second-hand stores, or bargain stores – this is a great source for fashionable items that are super affordable, because the clothes are already second hand, used or stocks left that did not sell. I’ve bought a lot of fashionable clothes through ukay2x, they are very stylish and we can do a lot of designs through bargained clothes. Just buy something you love, but while buying make sure to think of the best outfit that fits the clothes you purchased – this way you wont be wasting too much money even though this is just affordable.
  4. Shopping – local stores, you know they are always practical and almost have everything you need for fashion. It’s always good to shop locally; you can try them out first before buying the clothes. You’ll get a lot of brand new choices with local stores.

  5. Seamstress – another great way to have a unique fashion style is to contact your dress maker, and have her create a dress you have drawn yourself, or your preferred style it is from magazine or brochures. This is just a bit expensive than shopping, or ukay2x.
  6. Branded stores – If you are a lover of super expensive millionaire brands, like Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Dior and a lot more – that is also a good choice. But honestly, if you are really a millionaire, it’s practical and has a lifetime quality. You can pass it on to the next generation. But if you are not considered millionaire, then you are just wasting too much money or raising your pride to look like somebody. Remember too much or too less is not good. Fashion is not just about the brand, it’s about the looks.

By the way, kudos for the makeup styles of the Indians and Koreans, they are rich in culture. The Indian faces are so beautiful added with makeup, they become goddesses, their eyes are so deep and beautiful with very long curvy lashes. What a blessed beauty.

For Koreans they are so creative with their small eyes. Eyes are very expressive and if it is dark or deep, it makes a woman look better, but Koreans and Japanese made so unique and creative that they just darken the parts of their eyes, and well the results, they look so fabulous.

I really love fashion myself, and I enjoy them with pictures, so make sure to take pictures of you with different fashion styles. I guess it gives you something to remember and to look at worthwhile; it also gives you more ideas about your future fashion styles.

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that I am a huge fan with Korean and Japanese fashion styles. I don’t know, but they are so cute with whatever they were, or maybe they are just good with matching their clothes? They are very confident in the way they handle themselves, and I think that makes them unique.

Western style is more on coats and jackets because their country is too cold, and they were also able to be creative in mixing closed dresses into fabulous fashion styles. I love Kate Middleton’s style.

American Style is quiet different, they are good with too sexy and easy to use casual clothing and fashion styles. I also like it and try to imitate their styles depending on the occasion.

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