How to be fashionable all the time?

Being fashionable is something we need to survive in the world of beauty. This isn’t just about the little girls, or the teenagers, this is about every woman in the world. We, ladies, should know how to empower each other to look better and feel better.

We all know that this is not an easy task to do everyday, or even everytime we change our outfit. It’s something important, and special in a woman’s everyday life.

After reading, and researching some fashion tips on the internet, I realized that I should list the things that we need to always be fashionable. There are 5 things that we can easily remember when we talk about being fashionable all the time.

1. Passion

Like any other talents, skills, and gifts, there should be a passion and drive to do it. We need something inside that pushes us to be beautiful, look beautiful, and feel beautiful.

Even though you get jealous at others who looked really beautiful, but then when you tried to follow their style, you get bored or feel lazy. You don’t have any passion for beauty and style at all. There is no drive in your heart to do something about your appearance. So I suggest that you push yourself, if you really want to be beautiful and fashionable.

2. Vanity

Sometimes we need a little bit of vanity to explore our fashion style. We need to like ourselves. We should love our face, our body shape, and what we have that we can see in front of the mirror. If we really know ourselves enough, then it would be easier for us to mix and match fashion outfits that perfectly looks good for us.

Just a warning though, I am also a very vain lady that I tend to force myself to look even more beautiful. Sometimes I’ll do almost everything just to look good. That includes buying beautiful clothes, which are very expensive. I have to be honest with you, sometimes beautiful and high quality clothes are really expensive, but not all. And too much isn’t good also.

3. Budget and Creativity

Money is very essential in order to wear something. We need to buy clothes that we can mix and match. Then, whatever clothing styles we purchased, we can then use our creativity to match it to our body and color.

I think that as a woman, we are blessed with unique sense of style. Everyone is unique, and we have our own style that makes us stand out from others. So let it out!

4. Source

We should also know where to buy the clothes we wanted. Make sure that you have a list of physical or online stores available for you. You can browse online for those online stores.

What I do is  join forums for women and ask what their favorite local stores are. If I have the time, I’ll go to those stores they’ve suggested. That way I can have a variety of choices. I also ask for online stores they really liked. Well I’ve got them all noted, and viewed the online stores. I also check my closet for other fashionable accessories, and little things I can add to my daily outfit. In this way you can have free reviews from fashionable women like you before you can try them out.

If you have more clothing styles, it’s easier to always be fashionable.

5. Confidence

Finally, if you’ve got all the clothing styles you need, make sure that you have the guts and confidence to wear it. Mix and match the clothes you have, and confidently wear it. Don’t be shy, or feel conscious when you walk. Act like a confident princess. Don’t be insecure that your outfit isn’t good looking.

That’s your style, that is you.

I hope everyone will find their own style and show it to the world.


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