Michelle Phan Inspired Looks – KPOP Hair – Dimples Contouring

Kpop Michelle Phan Look

Oh my goodness, I just loved Michelle Phan’s videos. I am a Michelle Phan’s Fan!!! So here are the kpop looks inspired by Michelle’s tutorials.



kpop  For this picture, I used a bangs/hair extension. It’s actually my sister’s hair extension, but I just loved using it everyday, seriously!

I also added gel liner from maybelline and make it look like cat eyes. I did not wear any other makeup, just the simple eyeliner, and the hair extension. Then simple bare face, with a bit lip balm for moisturized lips.


And okay, here is the last part. I am so inspired doing this because of Michelle Phan’s tutorial on how to add dimples of Miranda Kerr using contouring!

I also added more touches by “me” like the contour of the eyes and the nose. Hahaha, when I looked at myself in a far distance, I looked great, but when I look closer, it looks dirty or it doesn’t look like me anymore. Hehehe

But anyway, I love the “metallic” effect of the blue, white, and the super dark blue. I also loved using the highlighters on the highest parts of my face. It looks luminous and bright! Do you see how highlights and contour really changes your looks. I suggest that you study, or watch videos about properly adding highlights and contour on your face. Highlights bring out the part of your face, while contour hids it.

I am filled with fun doing this. It was just a normal day, and I feel inspired after watching Michelle’s videos so I did this. It’s also what usually happens when you learn new things. You have to find inspiration to make your look really stunning. I am sure your makeup will be boring if you’re not that inspired. Make sure to learn color combination also. Color combination is really very important. It would look awkward to see you with seriously bad combination of colors.

If you are a fan of fashion, glamour and makeup, you are required to watch Michell Phan on youtube! Follow her on twitter and facebook too.

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