Weekly Makeup Style June 9, 2013

And finally, this week’s looks!

Puffy, smiling eyes, and fierce blonde. These photos are all inspired by Michelle Phan’s style. Fierce is originally mine, but I was inspired by Michelle’s new look “game of thrones” princess, she uses greyish colors to the eyes, but I used black on mine. The puffy smiling eyes, that’s Michelle’s.

I love the way she teaches women, her hands are very gentle yet very expert especially drawing liners on the eyes!

I think I love to wear different styles everytime I go to church. I want to experiment and be creative! So stay tuned girls!


The last three pictures are based on the “romantic juliet” makeup style by Michelle Phan, the only difference is I made the liner thicker than Michelle’s, so it looks for of like a kpop look than a “romantic juliet” look, LOL!

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