Zalora 3/4 Blouse in formal Attire – Outdoor Photoshoot

Alright, my blue 3/4 blouse from Zalora is really  flexible. It can be kikay style, it can also be used for formal attire. Where I work, we are usually asked to dress up especially Mondays. So I think the blue and black looks perfect. High-waisted pants look really formal, elegant and very decent. It makes me look mature in my very round, and girly, kikay look.

Just check out the captions of the pictures below to know more about the EXIF data. One new thing I learned in photography I think is using shutter priority mode if you need to take quick pictures. The faster the shutter speed, the lower light passes through. That’s what I have observed, but I guess I need to dig deeper into this once I complete my fine arts degree. :->

Well, I also realized that whenever I take glamour and fashion photo, as much as possible make the picture completely real and bare. Which means, not use too much graphics. It’s what I learned while watching Asia’s Next Top Model. The photographer only adds just a little post processing to make the glamour photo look professional. What’s the important thing in glamour photoshoot is the model’s pose, and the perfect lighting, and most especially the details should be super clear. Everything’s about detail when it comes to glamour and fashion, maybe for the viewers to really see the texture of the clothing, or the skin of the model.

Fashion and Glamour photoshoot really needs team work for the photographer, the model and the assistants behind the camera preparing all the props (sometimes, for us DIY photoshooters, we only have a photographer and the model prepare the props). The photo also requires the model’s experience, and perfect posture/posing. The photographer should make sure the light fits perfectly to the subject, it should make the subject stand out. I think, after reading about photography in glamour, the subject (the model or the dress/product) should be shining on the scene. But I think it also depends on the concept you have on your mind. Because sometimes there are concepts that doesn’t really include the dress, but only a table for example as the product, but the model should also showcase that using a simple beauty that helps the product stand out.

More to learn everyday. So stay tuned! Here are the photos! 🙂



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