Zalora Outfit of the day – SADEA and F.101 CARMENCITA Scoop neck 3/4 stripes blouse

Alright, here is another look from zalora products. I purchased these along with my Catherine Checkered Tee with Ribbon Details.

F.101 CARMENCITA Scoop neck 3/4 stripes blouse for just P 349.00

F1525AA71TNSPH-180113 P 399.00

The price is just like the mall actually, but the items and the designs are not that easy to find. Of course if you are looking at the site, it’s easy since the internet is very convenient and easy to access. You just simply browse, and scroll then click the item you liked!

There’s more, it’s also very satisfying to think that you wont have to go to the mall with the hassle to wait on the line and pay the cashier, and pay the fair or gasoline just to go to the mall and shop. Think about the sweat and the time you spent there.

I can only recommend this online site if you easily find clothes that suits you, some girls have problems with getting the right size for the clothes. I also have issues getting the perfect size for my shoes, so I don’t buy them online, I shop to physical stores only because I can try them on first. You see, my shoe size is is like 4, or 34, sometimes 35 but very rare – only with branded items. I can’t even buy shoes from ukay2x because of my small size feet!

Anyways, look at my outfit! I looooove the colors, the striped blue 3/4 blouse, perfect for my cold workplace! And the sadea skirt with fleshly brown color, paired with my Celine wedge, lovely creamy look. I also contour my face with browns, then add a bit of eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner in there.

Oh by the way, I also bought one more item in this order. It’s the liquid eyeliner from 4U2, check it out on my next post! 🙂 Make sure to comment, and post your feedbacks, blog responses, and awesome fashion outfits too!


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    I love that particular skirt and have been eyeing it for weeks, but I’m really worried about sizing. Do you mind if I ask what size you are and what size of SADEA skirt you bought?

    • Hi Victoria,

      Sure! I bought the S (Small) size, their XS is out of stock already. I think XS can also fit, but that would look too sexy for me. Small size is just right.

      You can also contact zalora, they respond quickly, maybe they can suggest you ways to get the exact size. 🙂

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