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I’ve been listening to inspirational people lately about achieving your goals in life. One thing that’s really helped me for 7 days in a row already to get so focused on my animation work is using apps about habits and goal setting.

I really want to share these apps, and wish that I am able to help you focus on your jobs and goals daily. I’m sure this will not only help me as an animator but everybody.


Fabulous! Motivate Me App

This app will basically help you create a better recurring habit. You can set it daily, or weekly, monthly or even twice in a day. The best of this, which I couldn’t find from other habit apps, is the timer it has. When it’s time for you to do something, the timer will start based on how long you set it with music. Then it will ring when it’s done. You press it to continue your habits for that ritual. You can set all your goals, or multiple habits for every ritual, and multiple ritual in a day. Another thing also is it’s beautiful calming music, and annoying fullscreen option that you can’t get away until you do the habit. Seriously, a very helpful app.


Google Keep

What I love the most about google keep is it’s simplicity. I’ve been looking for apps that’s simple, easy to use, free and does exactly what I want it to do. Really, I thought this is just another useless app, but it’s so simple, I realize I don’t need all those note apps out there with overwhelming use, this has the exact use of a note, reminder, beautiful list of notes with pictures! I also use this as my vision board because the list of all apps are like collage. You can also set labels, which I use as some sort of a category or tag for easy search. Very useful, and this deserves a thumbs up.


Google Calendar

I don’t really want to be biased, but really, almost all of google apps have really good, sleek, fine, and super user friendly designs that the functions are so obvious even babies and grannies can can really figure it out on their own. Seriously! Calendar is very straight forward. It’s a calendar, then you can add evens, schedules or notes to any date. It’s really easy and perfectly useful for all my schedule needs. The best thing also, it will sync to all my google accounts, even on my laptop or phone, anywhere! I can even work offline with my calendar and notes.


Other apps that I can also recommend for a productive life are goal setting apps life budgeting apps! I use monefy, but I will also share more about this in another blog.


Monefy Budgeting App

Monefy is by far the best free budget app I have ever used. I always loved financial apps, and I think this is the best because it’s simple and straight forward. It’s centralised in it’s landing page, or sort of like a dashboard. You can view daily budget, weekly, monthly. You can also set future budgets, and even has multiple accounts. You can also sync your data to dropbox, completely free. Yes it’s free, but ads appear anything, although very least than expected. It’s not that annoying, promise!


You don’t really have to use all these apps, but use the one that fits your needs. These are just suggestions based on my experience, that I think has really helped me a lot for all my daily work. I am able to focus well on every job I do, and still have a balanced life from outdoor activity, social, church, indoor stretching, and more! Don’t miss any memory with your life, everything’s really worth it! Cheers to all focused animator out there.


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