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Benigno Aquino III

Aquino was the leading candidate in canvassed votes for President Aquino was unofficially being referred to as “President-apparent” by the media
New York Times hits Aquino for ‘political mischief’

MANILA, Philippines – The “New York Times” criticized President Benigno Aquino III for alleged “political mischief” as he accused the Supreme Court of having grown “too powerful” after it voted against his economic program and of hinting at extending
[English] Speech of President Aquino in celebration of …

Let us not waste the opportunity we have today. This is the only way that we can repay and honor the heroes who sacrificed much, so that our country could arrive at its present state. This is the only way for us to ensure that, …

President Aquino defended DAP or Disbursement Acceleration Program in his speech last Monday, July 14, 2014. He explained the purposes of DAP, what it has contributed to the country, and requested the supreme court to review their decision of making DAP unconstitutional.
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According to the President, DAP is a strategy to accelerate or speed up the process of funding certain projects so that the benefits can reach the countrymen within the specified schedule. It is not a project, instead, it is an efficient way of spending the budget. He says that it follows the law and adheres to the mandate granted to the executive branch. DAP helps in allocating the funds properly, and maximizing the benefits that people may receive.

Every year, the Executive branch submits to the Legislature a list of priority programs, activities, and projects that need funding. Once enacted into law, the budget must be spent within the year of allocation. And if funds for certain programs are not spent, as they should have been, clearly the countrymen did not gain what they should have.  What this means is that every time funds remain unspent when they should have been spent, the Filipino people are deprived of a benefit.

Furthermore, DAP’s aim is to use the funds to departments that are performing well and are proven effective. Deped once was requested to finish 8000 school buildings, but only 18 were built, and they could not finish everything in the next 5 months. Despite the many setbacks that the agency had to face, DepEd delivered. And now, they have eliminated what’s inherited—a backlog of 66,800 classrooms.

The sitio electrification program is another project that was successfully implemented through the efficient use of savings, according to the President. In 2012, the target was to energize 4,053 sitios. The budget had allotted 3.87 billion pesos for this. And because of the speedy and efficient implementation of this project, the National Electrification Administration requested more funds to light up an additional 2,110 sitios. Through DAP, in 2012, 1.264 billion pesos were made available to electrify a total of 6,163 sitios—out of the 36,000 that we need energize.

He also mentioned that we should prepare funds through the help of DAP for typhoons coming that might hit and damage the country again. And lastly, he asked the supreme court to examine DAP once again, and consider it constitutional.

I think I can consider DAP as a great option to help my countrymen, if everything that the President said was true. It’s aim is good, and only wants the people to benefit. It wasn’t explained very well what specifically DAP does to the system, but if the results are good, then this system might be good too, as long as it’s legal and follows the rules – which the President says it does. The only thing wrong is that the president is making this law even though it is not his task to make laws since he’s in the executive branch. Well, whatever their decision may be, my only hope is that they are making these laws according to their desire to help not just themselves, but the country.


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