Back to the Future 1985-1990 Trilogy – Movie Review


Lead Actors:

Distributed by:


  • Amblin Entertainment


  • Sci-Fi
  • Comedy
  • Adventure


  • United States

Plot overview:

  • A scientist invented a time machine. This made Marty and Doc had a lot of adventures – Fix the past about the love story of Marty’s parents which he accidentally messed up during their time travel. – Doc and Marty traveled the future – Doc met the woman of her dreams.


  • I think the movie is superb. It has a lot of fun scenes, I like the way the story goes and ended perfectly.
  • This is a trilogy. The first film is amazing, it has the complete originality. I enjoyed the excitement of the entire story and every scene. Although it is a time travel fantasy film, but it made a teen ager, and young adult had an awesome laugh most of the time.
  • The part II is quiet different, the direction is still good, but the story is not that exciting. This part is a continuation to the part III which makes it a bit thrilling and requires you to watch the last part of the trilogy. I enjoyed the scenes, the transition of every time and place. I just wasn’t happy with the second, and last part of the movie maybe because the story is not that nice as the first part.
  • Overall it gives a lot of information although the movie was made a long time ago. Still the direction, the technology and the setting, even the costume are cool and can still compete with the modern films.

Voice Actors/Character Opinions:

  • Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly – He did great. He’s on the main role, but portrayed it perfectly even though he is a short guy. I liked the way he showed a strong and brave man in the film, although his father at the start was a weakling. He is amazing and really good with his acting.
  • Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmet Brown – he looks great with his Einstein look, he made the film even funnier I think because he is a bit weird  But I just did not get the 100% acting performance. I think he did his best, but I am looking for something more from him or his character. But overall he made a really great team up with McFly.

Set design and costume:

  • Really good, the setting and the costume made the film so realistic. Even the transition of different time, places, fashion, and location, it still holds the excitement and kick of the story and what the auther wanted to show.
  • Technology is still a two thumbs up, I can say that I love the film and has a lot of positive things to say because as we know this film has been created on the 80’s but still has the awesome setting and design, cinematography and all.

Story Line:

  • The story line is predictable, I guess it’s a very common imagination. But the way it was presented is cool, and thrilling, as well as exciting in every scene.


  • Great, in it’s time frame , the music is good enough to give the feeling.

Stars and ratings:

  • 9.5/10
  • PG
  • The whole family can watch the movie. No too much destruction, no nude scene, only when Michael was just wearing a t-shirt and a brief. The clothing are a bit bad influence, when McFly found out that Griff became a rich man and was very bad.
  • It’s a cool movie, and just a disclaimer the reviewer of the film is born after the film has been released so there might be some slight different from a person’s point of view.


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