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Plot overview:

Alex Hopper is a stubborn, hard-headed little brother of Stone Hopper who was the commander of United States Pacific Fleet. Because of his stubbornness his brother forced him to join the navy.

When aliens tried to attack the earth, Alex Hopper must save the world.


  • It was so awesome, cool, amazing, spectacular and jaw-dropping movie – in terms of the effects and direction! Really cool. I can recommend this to anyone from 13 years of age.
  • I can tell that this is one historical movie, although I can see that it is not that famous as the avengers or avatar, but it did gave me a lot of goose bumps.
  • I believe the movie will have a long journey of its legendary effects and cinematography.


  • Taylor Kitsch – He did a great job! He looks so clean in this film, not like John Carter. His character is just perfect for the role. He made a lot of funny moves and acting, and it doesn’t even show in his face which makes it even funnier.
  • Alexander Skarsgård – He was Alex’s tall brother, and this guy loves Alex, I can see that. I felt his goodness as an older brother, but his character is not that huge because I think he only appeared about 10% of the film. But he still holds the action and the feeling of the film.
  • Rihanna – I never thought Rihanna could do an action film; honestly, I was surprised when I saw her. And she looks really perfect; she shows cool character of a strong and quick woman. You will never feel the inconvenience watching her as the only female in the group while trying to fight against the aliens. Two thumbs up to Rihanna!
  • Brooklyn Decker – She is really beautiful and sexy – the perfect fit for Taylor. But the only thing annoying is that, she is a very tall woman, I think they the same height with Taylor. But she did a good job portraying the sexy character. I love the part where she was the therapist of the Gregory. She maintained the beauty and calmness of her role, but broke it when she drived crazily, it was cool!
  • Liam Neeson – This man has been a legendary actor, even though his role is not the main one, but he maintained his importance. You can really feel his huge presence.

Set design and costume:

  • Cool, everything is so cool.
  • Set is perfect! I even watched behind the scenes of this film, and I am still marveled with the effects. It’s so so very perfect!

Story Line:

  • The storyline is fine, the movie made it very thrilling, and you won’t mind the 2 hour length of the film while watching it. The director made a huge and awesome job arranging the thrill and excitement of the film.
  • I just wanna mention the character of the Japanese guy Tadanobu Asano, his presence is also very visible. I love the part where Taylor and Tadanobu fight, as well as helped each other hand in hand fighting the alien enemies. It’s cute.
  • I also think the aliens are very innocent, maybe there is a part where the aliens made a treaty with the human? Because the aliens do not fight the human when they see it clearly, but they destroy anything metal or machine. Maybe that’s just because of self defense, this is the only negative I’ve seen on the film, that aliens are very innocent while in the first place the human scientist was the one who sent a signal trying to communicate with the other planets in the universe – that’s why aliens came to the earth.
  • But overall, two thumbs up.


  • Yeah, it’s very American. Especially that part where it looks like an arrogant entrance of the veterans who’s going to help Taylor and the gang uses the very huge Battleship (70 year old fighting ship). The music in this part was very dramatic, you the slow motion part where the men looked so great with their intro. I felt it.

Stars and ratings:

  • 8/10
  • PG-13
  • Good for kids, there is mild kissing scene for Taylor and his girlfriend, no nude scenes, just destruction – a lot.


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  1. Gil


    Thanks for doing this great review of Battleship, Bemmy! I went online and rented Battleship on Friday afternoon, before I left my office at DISH. It downloaded to my Hopper and was ready to watch before I got home. I can see how a 13 year old might enjoy this movie, but I haven’t been 13 for a long time. The plot in Battleship is pretty weak, but I expected that when I heard they were adding aliens to a movie about a board game.

    • Yeah, I think I enjoyed most of it though. My little 9 year old brother, and even my father were seriously staring at the movie…especially the awesome effects.

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