Monsters University (2013)

Title of the film

  • Monsters University (2013)


Lead Actors:

Distributed by:



Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy


  • Monster World
  • Earth/Real World

Plot overview:

  • The story of Mike and Sulley when they were still in college studying how to ‘scare’.


  • As always, pixar/disney makes me really happy with all their films except ‘cars 2’. They maintained the emotional and personal excitement from Monsters Inc to MU.
  • The story focused more on who is Mike, and how he became a close pal of Sully.
  • It is a very colorful, clean, and such a fantastic film!
  • I consider this film a legendary film from Disney, together with the Monsters Inc. The message about reaching your dreams is very strong.

Character Opinions:

  • Billy Crystal as Michael “Mike” Wazowski; Noah Johnston as Young Mike – Mike’s character is the center of the story. I think Mike is a very cute character, and his attitude is the perfect role model of any student! He reminds me of never giving up to my dreams, and to always think about being ‘excellent’.
  • John Goodman as James P. “Sulley” Sullivan – I was surprised and did not expect that Sulley’s character here is different from the Monsters Inc film. The movie clearly shows that the focus on this film is to never be arrogant, and also to know that every person is unique and has certain characteristics others don’t posses.
  • Steve Buscemi as Randall “Randy” Boggs – Randall was so cute in the first part of the film, but eventually you’ll hate him and you’ll understand why he’s an antagonist in the first film.

Set design and costume:

  • It maintained the fantastic, and exemplary 3d rendering of characters and the backgrounds/architecture! And as always, it maintained the legendary image of disney films using bright colors that’s so attractive for kids, even for “feeling kids”.

Story Line:

  • Genius! That’s all I can say.


  • Disney is known for musical films, and I love the classic and fun songs this movie used.

Stars and ratings:

  • 10/10
  • G
  • Recommended to everyone!


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