The Hunger Games 2012 – Movie Review

Director: Gary Ross
Lead Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
Distributed by: Lionsgate
Studio: Lionsgate, Color Force
Genre: Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi
Setting: Panem, post-apocalyptic North America

Plot overview:

In the future, the capitol will select a boy and a girl for each of the 12 districts. The chosen will fight against each other, only one will win. Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her sister’s place. A romantically close friend is also chosen, Katniss will fight against the boy and other innocent teenagers for the district and for her sister.


It’s never a funny movie. This is the kind of movie that teenagers always wanted nowadays. It’s a very lonely, hurtful movie even the ending. I didn’t feel happy watching the entire movie.  Just think about it, the girl named Katniss will take over her sister’s part to fight against other teenagers from different districts. The requirement age is from 13-19. That is so terrible!

Then she found out that she will be fighting against a boy that she eventually fell in love with. It’s making me really unhappy, and super sad. It doesn’t offer entertainment for me I guess. I’m the person that loves happy ending.

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this personally. The story has a very strong originality, and I give credits to the author of this book, and how the director makes my heart cry. I salute how the entire movie goes for the sake of telling me a story. But I didn’t like the story where there is something in your heart that is bothering you, that someone must die, someone died already like close friends. It’s a movie filled with heartaches.


Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen – She looks really strong, and her emotion is fixed. She looks so sad, doesn’t know what to do. The acting is filled with emotion that we viewers can interpret or understand. She acts perfectly. Two thumbs up for you Jen!

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark – He is good. The way he portrays the character like someone who is like happy go lucky guy, a guy with the mind is good. He definitely hits the spot where you’ll get hooked understanding the entire movie. There’s just one annoying thing I don’t really like, it’s his height, and he looks too short for Katniss.

Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne – He looks really sweet in the film. He’s someone waiting for Katniss, a hungry guy, yet friendly. Although his role is not that huge, he is visible.

Set design and costume:

The designs and costumes, the settings seem unusual, I didn’t understand why it looks a bit like old England, forest like place, and costumes are like present clothing that’s supposed to be future.

Overall, I think it shows new ideas to viewers. It shows the future clothes of poor to rich people.

Story Line:

The story line is a bit predictable. The way the director gives hurtful moments for the audiences, it makes the audience feel like the entire movie is too sad already, what’s there to expect? Someone would die or something.

The good I like about this movie, is that it ended as a bit happy ending for Katniss, her sister, the district and for Peeta. It’s just kind of weird feeling watching the entire film; the moments are not satisfying for me.

Cinematography and lighting:

Everything is good with the picture, the effects, the lighting and the acting. When we talk about the entire direction, cinematography and image, well there is no doubt that the movie excels. But the problem is the mood of sadness.


The music is fantastic; it makes me feel that my heart is really torn apart while watching the film. It’s a tragic story.

Stars and ratings:

9.5/10 – This rating is for the movie’s originality, and direction.
3/10 – This is the rating for the story and the mood.

PG -13

I don’t really recommend this for teenagers, from ages 18 and below. The movie doesn’t show too much kissing scene (except the teenage kiss in the cave), no nudity, no bed scenes, but fighting is horrible. The blood and real hand killing scenes are not good for kids, and even for teenagers. It may not be that super bloody, but the way the director shows you the death invisibly like using the groan or shout of a man dying because he was eaten by monstrous carnivorous creatures – that is something scary and terrible. It’s not just the visible stuff; even the emotion and mind are tickled.

Credits: Wikipedia, IMDB

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