The Princess Bride 1987 – Movie Review

Title of the film

  • The Princess Bride 1987


Lead Actors:

Distributed by:


  • ACT III Communications


  • Family
  • Comedy
  • Adventure


  • United States

Plot overview:

  • A grandfather told a story about a classic fairy tale. A handsome swordsman, an evil prince, a beautiful princess and some fighting and kissing scenes.


  • It was by far the most unique and quiet amusing, and simply amazing movie I’ve ever watched. I just can’t stop saying this while watching, that the movie is so fantastic and really fun.
  • Kids at a very young age may not like this so much, but I think for me I really love it. I’m a young adult by the way.
  • Although the setting is not that high tech, but just the story and how the film was directed is completely satisfying, and really fantastic.

Voice Actors/Character Opinions:

  • Cary Elves as Westley – He looks funny. He made the film complete. I just can’t stop laighing on the part where Westley was half dead and half alive. Promise, it’s really fun and unique.
  • Robin Wright as Buttercup – I think her role is super princess, she doesn’t have to fight, she just needed to be super beautiful and fine. She is simply beautiful anyhow, and also her acting doesn’t require comedy or fighting scenes anyway.
  • Chris Saradon as Prince Humperdinck – I like this guy, although I know that his role is someone we must hate. I tell you, the entire story and the movie is really light and funny with very happy feeling.
  • Christopher Guest as Count Tyrone Rugen – A bad man, the man that Inigo Montoya hates so much, because he killed Inigo’s father. Almost there, hehe, the fun part of the film is Inigo Montoya.
  • Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya – Great and unique acting and character. Really funny and something worth remembering. Trust me, watch the film now if you haven’t yet!
  • Andre the Giant as Fezzik – he’s the gentle and a bit dumb giant. I liked his script, he is not funny but the way he talks is funny.
  • Wallace Shawn as Vizzini  – His the short but self described genius man. Haha, I liked the part where the man in black was trying to safe Buttercup. He talked a lot, although his role is just short, but it’s really worth watching.
  • Peter Falk as the grandfather – I super liked each time when the grandfather and the little is talking. I love it.
  • Fred Savage as the grandson – I also liked it when this little boy tries to interrupt his grandfather telling the story because he hates kissing. The role is perfect for this cute little impatient boy.

Set design and costume:

  • Awesome, really awesome. The costume are perfect, but the setting are a bit unrealistic but I think it balances the story because this is just a fantasy story of a grandfather to a grandson.
  • I can rate this overall 1005 for the setting and costume.

Story Line:

  • It’s fun and really beautiful fantastic story. I mean you know, the story is so common, but the cinematography is completely hilarious although some parts are nonsense but it twists it to a scene full of sense.


  • Just fine, I think. I enjoyed the entire film.

Stars and ratings:

  • 9.5/10
  • PG
  • The whole family can watch the movie. Very light fighting scenes. Very light and funny script, and filled with happy thought movie.


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