Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior 2006 – Movie Review

Director: John Laing
Lead Actors: Brenda Song, Shin Koyamada
Distributed by: Disney Channel
Studio: Disney Studios
Genre: Action, Family, Adventure
Setting: Fair Springs, Modesto, California, China

Plot overview: Wendy Wu, an ordinary but then popular teenager who is destined to be a warrior, but she must learn how to fight first.

Opinion: It’s a fun movie, I think you’ll gonna enjoy it. I enjoyed it, but not a hundred percent funny movie though. The story is cute, and I am sure kids and teens can relate and understand the movie easily. It’s easy to catch up with the story, and it’s not like other movies that you can just stand and not focus on. You are still hooked watching it.


Brenda Song as Wendy Wu – She’s great, she’s a cute and a bit chubby girl who is so vain and really wanted to be so popular in their school. She did well in the role. I think the only thing I don’t like is how she talks, the gags aren’t delivered the way you expected it. I like the way she shows herself as a vain teenager, she did well in that character, she is also good in fighting scenes although she looks chubby. Overall, she is good.

Shin Koyamada as Shin – The performance is great as well. Although you cannot understand him properly because of the way he talks, it’s easy to understand what he’s trying to show. He is really good with kung fu, his fighting scene is awesome. It’s like you’ll stop breathing while watching how he fights. His tandem with Wendy is so cool, light chemistry is also there.

Set design and costume: The designs are just right, costumes in fighting scenes are really good. From Chinese culture, to American, everything looked perfect.

Story Line: The story and is good. But I think there is something missing in the entire story, especially the last part. The fighting scene should be better if maybe the setting is wider, they should be on a ground fighting to see the details clearly I think. But maybe the director wants to show the actor’s stunts in a difficult situation, to make it more unique and tough fight. It’s a bit predictable story, maybe you’ll get the entire story for about 30th percent of the movie. But if you want to watch a chill, relaxing, funny, cute movie that doesn’t show too much violence or use bad words, this I think is a good choice.

Cinematography and lighting: Picture is great, lighting is a bit incomplete. The scene is bright for kids – perfect and enough for the movie, it’s just the last part where the fighting scene needs to be brighter. But the overall lighting looks cool and awesome.

Music: I don’t think I can feel the music, or maybe I just can’t remember how the music was.

Stars and ratings:

PG – Just right for kids [and the entire family] to enjoy and watch. No nudity, no sex scenes, no kissing scenes just light fighting (kung fu) scenes. No bloody scenes as well.

Credits: Wikipedia, IMDB

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