Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Movie Review

Title of the film

  • Wreck-It Ralph 2012


Lead Actors:

Distributed by:


  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • Comedy


  • Somewhere in US with lots of videogames for kids to play for


Plot overview:

  • Villain from a video game who is tired being a villain and just wanted to be a hero. He went out of his current game, and looked for other ways to be a hero, but this has caused havoc to the whole society of video games!



  • Terrific, incredible, funny and unforgettable!
  • The movie, although not hat jaw-dropping, but it leaves something in the kid’s minds that will never be forgotten. The story is also very unique and creative that it gives lives to the entire movie. Each character was stunning, created beautifully and I think the animators did a great job, they always do actually in any disney and dreamworks movie.
  • The relationship of the villain and the hero is also very nice and unusual. I liked Felix so much, and I also liked Ralph.
  • Ralph’s relationship with Vanellope was quite usual I think, it’s like a father-daughter, or big brother to little sister relationship. But there is always a spark in every scene.
  • The funniest relationship I think was Felix and the high definition girl from a different video game –  Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun.
  • I think if kids watching this movie were huge fans of video games, I am sure they are going to love it. Although I only played Super Mario, and was just a bit familiar with the other games, I even enjoyed every moment of the movie.
  • The twist of the story is fantastic, and for me, I think it’s just a bit predictable, but compared to the movie “UP” I think this is better, and even more exciting.

Character Opinions:

  • Wreck-It Ralph, the villain of Fix-It Felix, Jr. – It wasn’t really that stunning, his personality wasn’t even that scary, and he wasn’t that bad afterall, but, I think there is something disney did not change in his personality. I can remember Sullivan the Monster when I first saw Ralph and observed his character. A cute, big brother character that disney doesn’t want to change I guess. As we all know, Disney is very well know to produce family oriented movies with heart warming scenes, and I appreciate them for that.
  • Vanellope von Schweetz, a racer/glitch in Sugar Rush – In her part, I think it was unpredictable. She was also unforgettable, and I liked the ending, that she was someone very special after all.  
  • Fix-It Felix, Jr., the hero of Fix-It Felix, Jr. – His character I guess was one of the best! He is funny, and you won’t get mad in his little character, instead you’ll be amazed. Anyway, all I can think of when I watch him is that he is funny and cute. I mean, what I predicted was that he will be some kind of a jealous friend, or something that would ruin the relationship of Ralph and Vanellope, but it didn’t. He was one of the greatest character on the film.
  • Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, the lead character of Hero’s Duty – She’s another great character that spices up the movie and the entire story. She’s so high definition! Hahaha, I just can’t stop thinking about Felix and her story. It was funny.


Set design and costume:

  • Super great, and creative set! Disney made their own world, and I think that is a huge job! Imagine creating the world of the video game characters, that’s very difficult and would take a long time to make it a movie and add a lot of excitement to the kids. This is a two thumbs up setting, and story!
  • The costume, the character designs were great. I love watching the movements of the little people from the Fix it felix game, the way they move looks funny and you can remember Super Mario? Thei’re movement is like robots, but cute robots.
  • But it’s just funny, that only those little people have those funny movements, Ralph and Felix did not have those kind of movements for the entire film.


Story Line:

  • The story is very creative and unforgettable. I can’t stop smiling while watching the first part, it’s like I am in a new world. The whole story, the plot and the ending made me wanna stay in front of the screen.
  • I loved the twist because it wasn’t that predictable, except the plot. I just appreciate the emotional scene when Ralph wrecked the kart of Vanellope. It was so emotional, and I almost cried. For kids, that would be heart breaking.



  • Good enough.


Stars and ratings:

  • 9/10
  • PG
  • Recommended to kids of all ages! No bad words, nudity, but just destruction.



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