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Hi Guys! I am finally an official student at IAFT International Academy of Film and Television! I know right? I’ve been dreaming of learning to create something great. Film is a huge part of learning and influence to the world. Especially those films that are for general audiences. Through fine arts, I learned the basics of drawing, painting, and I had a major improvement in advertising or visual communication!

This time, in the animation school, I have to learn how to make things move. I will be an all in one movie maker. I will create my own model, create all the objects that can be scene on my film, and I will also animate their movements and even expressions! I also have to learn how to master the art of story telling, and how to tell my story to people through words or script, as well as perfecting the sound. It’s really pure creativity put into one file, a film!

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So yes, this is basically my school now. I will be staying here for a year, and I hope that I can make a really good film! I’ll be updating my website from time to time if I learn something that I can’t help but share, so you better check my site! :3

I will upload the videos on youtube, and explain here what I learned. I hope I can make it very understandable for you! I will be learning a lot of CGI Computer Graphics Imaging using adobe create suite, and also Autodesk Maya and all other plugins to render a really good film. I will also study the fundamentals of dialogue, sound effects, and film score with our main tool – Avid Pro Tools.

This is my 2nd week, but it already feels like a month of study. After each class, I review the things that we did by practicing on my own. I had so much fun learning! It’s really about loving what you do that you’ll realise how fun it is to learn and to do something. I never felt bored, and I want to keep pushing myself, because I know that if I don’t, I will regret it.

Anyways, I have a huge project that should be done by the next 8 weeks. It’s gonna be a 3-5 minute animated film. And I honestly can’t wait to finish my work! I can’t wait to share this to all of you. I’ll do my best to tell you how I made my film, and I hope I can be an inspiration to any aspiring Artists out there! I know this is just the start, there’s gonna be a long and beautiful ride ahead. Just hold on, stay where you are and keep subscribing! 🙂

Yah, here are some of the screenshots of what I am doing. I hope you like it. Probably, I’ll take some selfies too at school, I miss that one.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.53.58 pm

It’s really an amazing software. It’s complicated, but familiarising the tool’s terms really helps, just like  how I learned adobe Photoshop. When I use photoshop for few times, it seems easier to understand all other adobe products already. After 2 weeks of always facing this software, feels like it’s becoming a best friend to me. I hope I can learn it in no time, so that I can start making beautiful films for children and general audiences.

That’s all I have for today! More updates to come, I’ll make sure to post a blog about my projects here. See yahhh! 🙂

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