Photography Tips 101 – With Portrait Photos!

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We had a great session with my photography teacher last Monday. His name is Mr. Bien Fernandez. He shared so many things in photography! So I’m gonna try and share the photography tips here for you!

Like, what makes a really good picture?

He shared the acronym PICTURESS.

Let’s start from the last.

  • S – Story, there should be a story for each photo.
  • S – Sharpness, we need to make sure our lens or camera takes good quality photos, it should have sharp focusing. The photos should be clear and crisp, and not blurry (except for photos that should be in motion).
  • E – Exposure. The light should be just right, not too exposed (bright, that erases the details), or less exposed (too dark, like as in, blackout).
  • R – Readiness. We should be well prepared when having a photoshoot. We need to make sure our batteries are full charged, or we brought with us some spare batteries. SD card, read manual, and etc.
  • U – Uniqueness. We need to take unique shots, or else we are just producers of copied items. Try to look for a story that wasn’t made by others, or shoot from a unique angle.
  • T – Timing. Sometimes, taking very beautiful photos require the perfect timing. It may just be a fraction of second, so we need to be sensitive to those moments.
  • C – Composition. Try to arrange the elements perfectly in your photo. It shouldn’t be too much on the center, follow rule of thirds.
  • I – Impact. Try to take a story that will last forever. It is better to have a photo that will stick to people’s mind forever, rather than the shots that are so forgettable.
  • P – Prayer. Make sure to seek God’s help to find that perfect story. With our human eyes, we tend to ignore the perfect moments, but God is completely smart, He knows everything! Ask Him to direct you to that perfect story. Pray, shoot, praise.

That mostly wraps up everything. But of course, all these things mentioned are just the general or just the beginning in learning photography. There are more advanced things you need to learn, but this is a great start already. Learn the basics, and be creative.

I’d also like to show my shots, and behind the scenes. Just scroll down to check them all out. Feedbacks, suggestions, are so welcome!

By the way, I only chose the shots that I believe looks good. I also love looking at photos with subjects smiling, or laughing, like candid. I also used my sony alpha A55 here, with a prime lens 1.8.

This is my good friend Frenzy.

Another friend of mine – Kate.

Justin, such a cute friend.

Another cute friend – Michiko.

Tom2x, a great friend as well!

And lastly, beautiful Naia.

Here we are, with our teacher setting up everything… 😀

We used a key light, fill light, and the back light. Key light is like the main source of light, so mostly it’s shooting the front of the subject. Fill light is like a filter, it adds color or mood to the subject, and also minimizes unwanted shadows. The back light helps form the shape of the subject, and somehow separates the subject from the background.

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