Week 2 – Artworks around us

Okay guys, so I thought I could share another set of inspirational artworks here. These works are not mine, these are from friends, and famous artists that inspire me.

First, is from my good friend Chanie. Again, I will only use screennames for privacy purposes. I think the hair details is cool. Very patient artist. Do you know this artwork? I suppose this is for our history of art subject.


Next, is from Sam! Medium is watercolor on paper, and she named it “galactic vegetables”. Cool background, nice details on the bell pepper – it looks shiny.


Another watercolor on paper by Myles, nice lights and shadows to achieve realism.


Okay the next one is not a drawing, but it is still a form of art. I saw this video on 9gag, and I am very impressed! She has very unique talent, she can do different styles with her voice. I remembered some Filipino veteran singers did this, but couldn’t remember their names. Anyway, her talent is impressive.

9gag: “Comedian Christina Bianco showed off her many talents when she sang ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen as several pop music divas, including Idina Menzel, Demi Levato, Adele, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand and more! (Thanks, Elle!)”

And well, there’s more. Another artwork, that I am still confused right now how the artist did this without using photoshop. It’s title is Come Alive by Neskvik, I saw this on facebook. The painting is very beautiful, it’s like real human, but cartoonish at the same time.


This one’s very magical, and I think this is a digital painting. I saw this on facebook. Very impressive, and I am really inspired right now! Can I just do one like this? Hehe, I really wanna make one, but dunno how to start. I love to see the very soft edges of the girl, everything so soft, and smooth. It’s a dreamlike scene, foggy.

by Melanie Delon


Okay, last but not the least is another video. It’s a youtube makeup tutorial by Promise Phan! It’s still a form of art, and I am loving it! Frozen fans can understand this.Well if I really want a character, I really wanna draw it, or make myself look like the character I love. Here’s a tutorial on how to look like queen Elsa of Frozen.

Makeup gives us the freedom to express ourselves, and the confidence to take over the world! – Promise Phan.

I love the eyeshadow, and how she made her lips look smaller.

More inspirational artworks coming soon. Share your artworks too! 😀

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