Sims 3 Interior Design Starter House Sunset Valley

I still love sims 3 even if sims 4 is already out. I don’t really like the look of sims 4, everything just seems to look so tall, the sims body, and the walls, I don’t know, but they just look tall.

Anyway, I keep on making beautiful sims (I guess), and I’d love decorating the house a lot. I thought that maybe I can share with you guys the rooms that I have redecorated. This house is a starter home from Sunset Valley, I think this one has 2 bedrooms, because I started with 2 beautiful husband and wife sims for this game.

Do check out the design I made, not basically design, but how I rearranged everything. I don’t cheat, so don’t expect everything to look expensive. I design while I play, so it will depend if they have earned enough money or not.


Here’s the bedroom. I made this the master bedroom, and the other bedroom is changed into a study room. For now, since they don’t have a baby yet. I just forgot to add ceiling to this first picture. I want everything on this room to be pink, pink just looks beautiful, doesn’t hurt my eyes. I am practicing the  blending of proper colors in a room, and also the right texture for every object. The lights also affect the ambience of the room, so I kinda need to adjust that as they go have enough money.Screenshot-2


So here’s the door going out (right), and the door to the study area (left). I know, hehe, the doors still don’t look that good yet. Maybe I should change that into white? Or maybe something lighter? I love the wood texture though.


Anyway, here’s the kitchen. I so love the royal blue here! I made all the counters, and the sink royal blue too, and tiled the kitchen floor only. I love how color separates the kitchen from the entire house.Screenshot-5

Here’s the living room. It’s very small, and cheap. Hehe, but what I like about this is the open doors and windows. Screenshot-4And here’s the hallway going outside the front door.


And yes, that’s it for now. I hope you like it. I’ve been so inspired making a good interior design because of a lot of simmers on youtube. There’s so many professional interior designers out there that are using sims 3 as their draft. I really love it, especially when you add little people to your designed home. It makes the house more realistic, and could probably be realised in your own home someday.



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