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Here’s another photograph of a friend of mine. This was a requested edit and photo enhancement. Well, let’s see what we have. Below is the original photo. It’s a personal photo, as you can see and we’ll make that better and just transform it to something that matches perfectly to a picture frame. Good for wall photos in the bedroom. Here’s the before and below it is the final result. Read through the end of this post to see what effects I used to complete this project.

Erzen Wallpaper - After Red and Black Ball

Erzen Wallpaper – After Red and Black Ball

Effects Added:

1. Object (body) extracted using pen tool.
2. Edited the picture using the picasa for lighting.
3. Color enhancement and body liquified through PS CS4.
4. Background  – forest, downloaded in google. Then blurred in PS CS4.
5. Added frames black and white.
6. Fonts “E” for one layer followed by “rzen” another layer.
7. Official logo “Bemmygail”


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