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Here’s a friend of mine on a beach in one of the Islands in Cebu. She had me enhance her photo and make it beautiful. Here’s the finished product below. I’ve just added basic touches like lighting, brightness, contrast, colors and all that kind of stuff. I added some words to make it more memorable. Check out the original image below and compare the two. I’ve added the effects I used on the last part of this post.

Effects Used:

Digital Camera

1. Edited and enhanced color through Picasa photo editing software
2. Cropped using Adobe Photoshop CS4
3. Fonts added with transparent “camotes island”
4. Color enhanced on photoshop. Selected the sky and water, and used color balanced, increased it on cyan and blue colors. Trees are also enhanced into green.
5. Liquify portrait a little bit using PS CS4
6. Added cinema style frames.

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