Snowy Effect with Adobe Photoshop

View full size of the final image HERE.

This picture is very old, and looks dull. I just opened all our outdoor pictures through picasa and found this picture. So what I did, I tried to enhance it through adobe.

What I did,  I used the select option to select all the highlights of the picture. I clicked the “select” button at the top, and clicked the “color range”. On the new window, I chose the “highlights” in the dropdown at the top. In that way all the highlights will be selected. Then I duplicate it by pressing ctrl+j. It will create a new layer only for the selected area.

I used the radial blur effect first using adobe. To get to the radial blur click Filter at the top>blur>radial blur. I followed a tutorial by the way, but then experiment using the picture. I chose the zoom, and best option on the radial blur window. Then added 100 for the amount. I did it twice by pressing ctrl+f. Then I see a different result by deleting the top layer. Then I used that, enhanced it with picasa.


Mactan Shrine - The beauty of Cebu - Bemmygail

Mactan Shrine - The beauty of Cebu - Bemmygail


Download full size HERE.


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