Understanding Layers In Adobe Photoshop – Basic I

Hi everyone! I know that if you have a desire about designing, you are really eager to learn the tools used to create fantastic designs. When I was in high school, I leaned photoshop. But I did not have any internet that time, and only had pure program, no researching included. I always open adobe photoshop, and even when I am laying down I keep thinking of the other ways to create or design something. The very simple principle of studying adobe photoshop is to “Learn the Basics” It will tell you everything.

Once you learned all the basics, you are ready to begin designing. But of course, at first you will be having trouble designing since you are new, but that is a way for you to experiment. Experimenting really makes you a master. It allows your mind, and your skill to practice with your desire!

Now let us begin. The very basic that you need to learn about adobe photoshop is the layers. To access the layers make sure it is checked through these steps:

1. open adobe photoshop and check at the top of the window.

2. Look for the “window” button. Then click on it.

3. Then check  the “Layers” or hit F7 from your keyboard.

The Layers palette will then show up. You can explore to it. But if there is no image opened in photoshop, everything is greyed out in the layers. So try and open an image to check it.

1. Click the “File” Then choose “Open”.

2. Choose a picture from your computer. Then click “Open”.

The image will open and you can then see that the “Layers” Palette is no longer greyed. You can start hovering your mouse over the buttons, and see the title of the buttons.

You will find the options to create a new layer, create an adjustment layer, or a lot more options.


To help you understand the use of the Layers, the best suggestion I could offer basically is “Explore”.

Layers Palette will let you edit multiple pictures in one workspace. It is like piling up pictures, and you can cut a part of the top picture, then it will make a whole that the small part of the second picture will show up. This area will help you adjust every picture, and will help you edit in a perfect way you wanted.

Try and duplicate the picture you opened so that you will see more options again. The first picture you opened is the background picture, it will default into background that will serve as a root for all the pictures.

To duplicate, simply highlight or click the background layer, then right click and choose “Duplicate this layer”. It will then have a duplicate and will become a copy of the original and will be placed on the top. You can then cut some areas of the top image. You can choose the select option on the left side. Then select an area of the top layer, and hit the “delete” button on your keyboard. Then a whole will be created, you will see the part of the main or background layer. If you edit the top layer, it wont affect the back if it is just coloring the top layer, adjusting the Gradients, or painting something. But if you use the cut, or blending options of the top layer it will affect the color, of the entire picture you are creating. It means all the layers color will be affected.

You can experiment more on the layers palette. The other one which is very useful is the “blending options”. Click the top layer, and then look for the (fx) button at the bottom of the layers palette. If you click that more options will show up. You can just simply click the “Blending options” right away, to open the entire window of all the blending options. In this option you can adjust or add some shadows to the object from that particular layer you clicked which was the top layer.

It will create a lot of effects in your future use. Next time we will be talking more on the tools on Adobe Photoshop. Stay tuned only here on Bemmygail.com!

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