VideoPad Video Editor Professional – My new Friend

At school, we have a project to create videos….history and literature subjects specifically. And since I have so little time doing all these, I browsed the internet to find a very good, light, quick, complete tool for video editing. My adobe softwares or even windows movie maker can really take my time….

I found this very interesting, light, good and quick tool called VideoPad Video Editor Professional. It’s not free though, so I used the free version which has some limits.

The video editing tool is very easy to use, user friendly, and it does not buffer! I don’t need to wait for the video preview to load so that I can, well just preview some parts of the video while editing….exporting to other video formats also take time. It depends how long is your video. When I first tried exporting my video to MP4, it went “not responding” for few seconds, then it started to process. And, I think it was quicker than I thought.

I did not have any other glitches found in this tool, not like other free softwares. It’s really cool, if I have one ready for my projects at school, I’ll upload them here at once so that you’ll see the results!Screenshot of videopad

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