Who Wants Money?

Everybody does. Don’t be hypocryte and admit that you also need money to survive and enjoy earth.

Anyways, I am back to working online using www.fiverr.com and www.upwork.com and a lot has changed in upwork! It was odesk before, and only a few competition with easy UI on the site. But now, so many changes happened and it’s making it difficult for me to get a job.

Right now I am hired as a designer, currently a part time work that could lead to full time. But I am not sure if it is enough income for me, so I am thinking of applying some more. 

I will be posting updates here on how you can earn money online as an experienced person. I am more than happy to teach what I know to the community. 🙂 So make sure to subscribe to my blog, and all my social media sites for all updates of working online.


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Hi, I am a children's book illustrator and CG artist for 6 years already. I will create cute and fun illustrations and 3D assets you need!

I am full-time working online. My breaks: half day every Saturday, and whole day for Sundays.

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