VideoPad Video Editor Professional – My new Friend

At school, we have a project to create videos….history and literature subjects specifically. And since I have so little time doing all these, I browsed the internet to find a very good, light, quick, complete tool for video editing. My adobe softwares or even windows movie maker can really take my Read more […]

Beside a Celebrity – Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

I know a lot of people are jealous seeing their friend in a picture with their favorite celebrity. Haha, this time, you can also have yours! Now let us start. Choose two pictures, the celebrity, and you. Then open adobe Photoshop, and click “file” then “open”. Find the two pictures, and open them. I’ll Read more…

The Basics of Adobe Photoshop – Layers – Changing a background

Here we are going to discuss about the very basic of adobe Photoshop, and I am going to tell you the useful things we can do with each of the options available. First we are going to study the layers. These are all very basic, so I hope you will learn from here. To start, let…

Kim Bum and Bemmygail

Updated Images – How to be with a Celebrity!

Bemmygail And Kim Bum: Download Full Size HERE! Hi guys, I have edited some pics here that are inspired by the very normal morphed image of being with a celebrity in a picture even though not in reality. Here is one I really loved! It’s Justin Bieber , and my brother really likes him, so…

Taylor Swift Wallpaper – Turned into Personalized Head Taylor and Me Wallpaper still using Adobe Photoshop

I really love this one. I am so inspired while I edited this because I just learned the liquify tool – a very easy useful tool that can edit the images, and I can even see the mesh of the images. When you open the Liquify tool,  simply select the image, then click windows>liquify The…

Understanding Layers In Adobe Photoshop – Basic I

Hi everyone! I know that if you have a desire about designing, you are really eager to learn the tools used to create fantastic designs. When I was in high school, I leaned photoshop. But I did not have any internet that time, and only had pure program, no researching included. I always open adobe…

Erzen Black n White After

Black and White turned into Sepia Sun Kissed Adobe Photoshop Action

Here is a simple black and white-turn-into-sepia sun kissed tutorial. Open the black and white picture with adobe photoshop: This picture was taken using a DSLR camera. Then adjusted as black n white. Now what I did, I downloaded a pretty cool action to make it sepia-ish. To download the action Read more […]

Mactan Shrine - The beauty of Cebu - Bemmygail

Snowy Effect with Adobe Photoshop

View full size of the final image HERE. This picture is very old, and looks dull. I just opened all our outdoor pictures through picasa and found this picture. So what I did, I tried to enhance it through adobe. What I did,  I used the select option to select all the highlights of the picture….

Erzen Wallpaper - After Red and Black Ball

Personalized Photo Edit

Here’s another photograph of a friend of mine. This was a requested edit and photo enhancement. Well, let’s see what we have. Below is the original photo. It’s a personal photo, as you can see and we’ll make that better and just transform it to something that matches perfectly to a picture frame. Good Read…

After - Rock Resort Camotes Island

Personalized Photo Effects

VIEW FULL SIZE HERE Here’s a friend of mine on a beach in one of the Islands in Cebu. She had me enhance her photo and make it beautiful. Here’s the finished product below. I’ve just added basic touches like lighting, brightness, contrast, colors and all that kind of stuff. I added some words to…

Miley Cyrus Wallpaper - Vector

Cartoonizing Miley Cyrus with Adobe Photoshop Vector

Welcome to our tutorial. Today we’ll be learning how to create a digital artwork out of a real photo using vectors with Adobe Photoshop. This is a very rewarding thing to do and I hope you enjoy the tutorial below. Oh and leave me comments or suggestions any time. I’d love to read them. I’ll…