Monster University Acrylic Painting

Monster University Movie Poster Acrylic Painting Illustration by Me

  Here’s my latest artwork. This is the Monster University  – A disney / Pixar Movie Poster Painting done using acrylic paints. It’s an amazing and awesome film made by Disney Pixar. I finished this within about 4 hours. It was really fun because I used a very shiny illustration board which Read more […]

Cute Cindy Anime Digital Painting

Cute Cindy Anime Manga Chibi Colorful Framed Print

NEW CINDY ANIME DIGITAL PAINTING Yey, finally I’ve finished my little cute chibi girl named Cindy Anime. I used photoshop again. I think I will always love photoshop compared to paint tool sai. It has everything I need in digital painting.     Here’s my original traditionally Read more […]

Cute Adoptable OC – Jake

Here’s my latest cute adoptable character. It’s green and yellow, and looks so cute and cuddly. I realized that making cute characters is so much fun than making the serious paintings, with super deep meaning. Hehe, this one is so fun, and at the same time I can practice styles and techniques to make Read…

Girl Reading the Bible Digital Painting

Girl Reading Bible Digital Painting with SAI and Photoshop

The Making of Girl Reading Bible Painting Hello again! I made a new artwork using the things I’ve learned recently. First, I want my work to look like anime, a chibi, or anything cute, then I want the colors to pop out and look very saturated. So I used contrast, then I also used proper lightings Read more […]

Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes!

Girl Illustration by Me – Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes!

Girl Illustration Hello guys! I made another anime vector colored artwork. Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes! Pink Girl Illustration by Me. It’s a cute pink girl illustration named Kraken. And this is also an entry for a contest on deviantart: Contest Link I think I am loving joining the contest, Read more […]

Princess Pink Art Request

Princess Pink – Original Character

  Finally, I finished a really anime style artwork. I’ve been studying the right anime drawing style since yesterday, copying different heads, expressions and eyes, and wew, it’s worth it! I downloaded a lot of pictures of anime wallpapers for inspiration, at the same time, I also saved different Read more […]

Keiran Character

Contest Entries of the week – Kieran Character

  These are OCs by deviant art user: And she posted a contest, with a chance to win points, so I decided to join! But at the same time, I’d like to continue my learning in digital arts, so this is just a perfect vacation for me! I used Paint Tool Sai this time, Read…

Princess T Digital Painting SAI

Princess T digital painting using SAI

          I decided to give SAI a try – Paint Tool Sai, because PS lags too much due to big pictures. I’ll have to wait for a new laptop with better performance this year. For now, I will be using SAI to make digital painting. As we know, SAI has bery…

vanessa hudgens, creme dela creme

Creme Dela Creme

Yohoooo! Finally, I finished this digital painting that’s inspired by the works of Stanley Lau, and the pose of Ms. Vanessa Hudgens! It took me more than 1 day, almost 2 days from drawing the draft, line art, and coloring. But it was worth it. I just wasn’t able to make the skin more like Mr….

Blue Dash Vector Art

Blue Dash Digital Drawing

Another request from deviantart made me explore the options in illustrator, and the possibilities between using photoshop and illustrator together. I am very glad with the final result! Illustrator made the very fine lines possible. I also saved this to 5k px per side so everything looks so clear Read more […]

Hey Gwen this is my town

Hey Gwen, this is my town!

Here’s my latest artwork. It’s Artemis the Tigress from Justice League, and Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10. I used only wacom tablet to draw and paint everything. I tried not to use traditional materials so that my hands can practice. I guess this one took me 4-5 hours. I use photoshop only. I think that…