Cute Adoptable OC – Jake

Here’s my latest cute adoptable character. It’s green and yellow, and looks so cute and cuddly. I realized that making cute characters is so much fun than making the serious paintings, with super deep meaning. Hehe, this one is so fun, and at the same time I can practice styles and techniques to make Read…

Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes!

Girl Illustration by Me – Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes!

Girl Illustration Hello guys! I made another anime vector colored artwork. Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes! Pink Girl Illustration by Me. It’s a cute pink girl illustration named Kraken. And this is also an entry for a contest on deviantart: Contest Link I think I am loving joining the contest, Read more […]

Princess Pink Art Request

Princess Pink – Original Character

  Finally, I finished a really anime style artwork. I’ve been studying the right anime drawing style since yesterday, copying different heads, expressions and eyes, and wew, it’s worth it! I downloaded a lot of pictures of anime wallpapers for inspiration, at the same time, I also saved different Read more […]

Blue Dash Vector Art

Blue Dash Digital Drawing

Another request from deviantart made me explore the options in illustrator, and the possibilities between using photoshop and illustrator together. I am very glad with the final result! Illustrator made the very fine lines possible. I also saved this to 5k px per side so everything looks so clear Read more […]

School Girl Anime

School Girl Anime – School is Fun ! Bem’s Second Design

Here is the second anime wallpaper I have created. I think there is still something missing, but I believe there is a huge improvement with my pictures. I hope to see more in the future! The anime style is like ranma 1/2 isn’t it? It looks like a fat sexy anime, but I still love…