The Silent Affair When I look at you by Miley Cyrus

When I look at you by Miley Cyrus – The Silent Affair – Video Trial for Adobe After Effects CS4

Our first video published on youtube using after effects. The purpose of this video is to practice our acting skills, direction and video editing skills. Yup there are still some glitches on this video, especially the shaky shots. And the timing of the singer’s mouth is not that good. It took Read more […]

Welcome Home You by Brian Littrell

Welcome Home You – Brian Littrell – Music Video w/ Lyrics featuring Cebu, Philippines Amazing Views

Check this amazing video posted on Youtube from my Official Youtube Channel. We have a lot of pictures in Cebu, and it is really nice, just added some effects and enhanced the colors, the pictures look great now! Then of course, I used a very wonderful song by Brian Littrell, Welcome Home You. Check Read…