Lighting and Rendering Demo Reel

Best of Graphic Design

Award Winning Typographical Poster
Lionel Messi typography poster that caused me to win an award as best Graphic Designer of the Year 2015
Award Winning Game of Thrones Poster Redesign
A redesign of the popular Game of Thrones TV Series which made me won award as the best graphic designer.
Adi Adara Branding
Complete Branding of Adi Adara Company.
Infographic Design of John F. Kennedy's Life and Achievements.
Claire's Travels
Complete Book illustration for an Australian School
Corporate Logos
Throughout the years, I've made many logos.
Event Poster for Fashion Obsession
An event poster for fashion obsession event sample.
Fishi Teaser 2016 Full CG 3D Animated by Bemmygail
Random Doll Digital Painting
Princess Aurora Digital Painting
Spike and Petal 3d Animated Film
Metal Girl Poster 2
Metal Girl Poster 1
Spike and Petal 3d Animated Film Movie Poster
Dancing 3d Animation Worth It by Fifth Harmony Autodesk Maya - Bemmygail
My Ipad - Bemmygail and Drew
Dinosaur's Got Talent Maya 3d Animation CGI - Bemmygail
Take to the sky Adam Young Synching 3d Animation - Bemmygail
Metal Girl Original Character Design Model Rigging
Talented Dinosaurs Recreating Shadows
IBL 1 Source Light Pink Office
Two Lights Rendering Office
Office Indoor Light
Outdoor Lighting and Rendering of a Futuristic City
Green Accent Dining Room Lighting and Rendering
3D Realistic Fruit Rendering
3d Rendering of Realistic Glass Bottle with particles inside
I Wish a short stop motion film by IAFT Students Bemmy and Shizu
The Little Pink Dragon IAFT 1st short film 3d Animation Project by Bemmygail
Selfie with Snorlax Munchlax and Pikachu
Eugene Photography Rapunzel Digital Painting
Tropical City Gallery of 12
Family Illustration
Princess Aurora on a Picnic
Princess Belle The Enigma
Tink and Blaze Digital Painting
Cinderella Realistic Timelapse Digital Painting Christmas December Frozen
Strong Princess Head Digital Speed Painting
Beautiful Girl Speed Painting Video
You Can Fly digital painting by bemmygail
Mean – Taylor Swift Drawing Animation Music Video Lyrics
The Silent Affair When I look at you by Miley Cyrus
Welcome Home You by Brian Littrell
Strawberry 3D Autodesk Maya
Rapunzel Dancing Animation
Should I Sing Let It Go
As The Deer
Cinderella Singing Digital Painting
Ariel Digital Painting
Eagle in the City
Eat All You Can
A Church in Carcar
Compania Maritima
Light in The Darkness
Shadows of Rocks
Black and White Reflection
An Unusual Looking Product
Decors of Love
Glamorous Lights
Artsy Carcar
Jose Rizal HDR
Nerves of Nature
The Bridge Of Mactan
One Boat Over a World
Enchanted Gossip
Claires Travels book
Flower Gazing
Battlefield Movie Poster Design
Take Me To The Ocean Blue
John F. Kennedy Infographics
Glamour in Green
Event Poster Layout
A Present From Nature
Buy Stocks With Us Web Design
Walking on the Rocks
Motivation Poster in Rebus Layout
Every Child Deserves a Mother
Movie Poster Layout
Magazine Cover Design for Teens
Forgotten Food Name
A Game of Thrones Book Cover Design
Adi Adara Branding Identity
Drum N Bass Poster
Messi Typographic Poster
Little Monster
Vector of my Face
Life in the Center
Light In The Dark
Abstract Circles
Sniff Sniff Where is the Food
All The Fun
Cebu's Finest
Take It Butterfly
On a Bright Sunny Day
One Last Drop
Broken Emotion
Butterflies And Me
Tiresome Day
Can I Have Some?
Flowers Gone
Blossom in My Dreams Acrylic
Fabulous in Frost Acrylic
Barbie's Lamborghini Watercolor
Purple Shadow Watercolor
For a healthier you watercolor on paper
Monster University Acrylic Painting
I Love You Berry Much Watercolor
A Dream Worth Fighting For
Cebu Architecture Watercolor
Hand Drawing in Pen and Ink
Tanzerinnen an der Stange
A Sunday Afternoon Colored Pencil
Cute Cindy Anime Digital Painting
Girl Reading the Bible Digital Painting
FLYR8 Vocaloid It’s a beautiful day
Princess T Digital Painting SAI
Creme Dela Creme Digital Painting
Hey Gwen this is my town
Barbie as The Fairy Snow Queen
It's Written In Your Heart Digital Painting
Princess Pink Digital Painting
Sketched Cartoon using MS Paint
Adoptable OC Jake Illustration
Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes
Princess Pink Art Request
My First Chibimoon Illustration
Vector Boy Splashing Water
Vector Art Girl in a blue dress
Light Up the Sky Wallpaper - The Afters
Isaiah 40:1-8 – Christian Wallpaper
Creating Vector in Photoshop
David And Goliath Illustration
God Of This City – Wallpaper
History of Art: Brad Pitt of Troy
History of Art: Greek Pottery
History of Art: Orlando Bloom
History of Art: mask of tutankhamun
Aegean Art: Briseis and Achilles
My Sister A Chinese Princess
Fantasy Drawing - Anime with wings
Rock It Anime Pen and Ink
Anime Relaxing in her room - Colored Pencil
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