Kodak Easyshare C813 Outdoor Blast – Shots taken outside the house

I have tried using this camera indoor, and it looks dusty, lots of noise if I wont use the flash, but with some few retouch it goes back to life anyway. I am still studying the difference between the SLR, DSLR, and this point and shoot camera. Why is it so nice to watch photos taken using the DSLR, and how to achieve the quality of the DSLR just by using the 8.1 point and shoot. I know there are a lot of differences, but I want to maximize what a point and shoot can do in my daily life. If point and shoot cameras are providing effortless photography, while DSLR, gives really great images – effortless or not, I want to get the exact image from DSLR to my point and shoot.

When I see the images using the point and shoot outside, and trying the adjustment with shooting and using the background defocus by gently pressing the button to shoot the picture, the images look great. Amazing, and still confuse how much more if I use the DSLR. They’re not really that cool compared to DSLR, whatever I do, it will only defer to the person holding the camera and how the image was edited I guess. I work with pictures, and editing as well, so pictures without the retouch may still loose the best image quality.

Well, so much talking, here are the pictures!

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