Prom Night @ Work Photoshoot Session

Here we go!

Hello world, and welcome back to I have a wonderful weekend, because I got the chance to shoot my beautiful friends again. And I found a lot of shots that are so cute, and glamourus! Well I also found a spongebob stuff toy inside the locker room, and I think it looks cool. I made it a wallpaper with cinematic effect. I used picasa for most of the wallpapers, then adobe photoshop for additional effects and liquifying some distracting objects.

I’m still using my sony alpha a55, kitlens for this. Will buy a new one, I guess a new lens with high aperture so that I can create clearer images and better depth of field.

I also realized that it looks great to shoot the photos outdoors. I am planning to create another magazine cover photo from these new pictures I’ve uploaded. So stay tuned!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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