Hey Gwen, this is my town!

Here’s my latest artwork. It’s Artemis the Tigress from Justice League, and Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10. I used only wacom tablet to draw and paint everything. I tried not to use traditional materials so that my hands can practice. I guess this one took me 4-5 hours. I use photoshop only. I think that if I use adobe illustrator, it will really take time to finish this work, but I am sure it will have better line quality. Next time, I need to use a long period of time to make a new one so that I can make the lines fine and high quality.

So here’s the draft, and I am practicing on making backgrounds now. The background for this one looks more of like a street. But I used blurry brush so that it will look like the focused is on the characters.

I also used maybe 4-5 layers on PS.
artemis and gwen the making

Here’s the final product. And I think I still need to work on my proportion, and right lighting. But for a cartoon style, I guess this one is already good. 😀

artemis and gwen


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