Bemmygail’s First Ever Digital Anime! Open to See my Secrets

Hello Again!

Long time no visit on the site hehe. I have been very busy starting up the new business. You know, business in jewelry and also picture services. The one I have posted on my site. But this site is mainly my portfolio, you can enjoy shopping for my services though, it can be through my directly or through the sites such as craigslist or ebay.

Well anyway, I became interested with anime and manga drawing. Before I thought it is impossible for me to create my own anime wallpaper because I do not have a tablet yet, I only have a scanner and photoshop. But nope, it worked through simple scanner and manual drawing then transfer it to photoshop, and, well I spent more than 2 hours on the computer to make it look better because I need to use vector technique and glow stuff on my wallpaper.

Check out the pictures here, you can see the before and after pictures. The layout, the trial color, and the final wallpaper. I’ll be posting some tutorials here for more information about how I create new manual drawing wallpaper. But seriously, I still need a tablet after all. I sense that it really has a different effect using the tablet.

But so much for that, check out the pictures now!

Anime 001 Anime awesome The real one yeah!

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Hi, I am a children's book illustrator and CG artist for 6 years already. I will create cute and fun illustrations and 3D assets you need!

I am full-time working online. My breaks: half day every Saturday, and whole day for Sundays.

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