Contest Entries of the week – Kieran Character


These are OCs by deviant art user:

And she posted a contest, with a chance to win points, so I decided to join! But at the same time, I’d like to continue my learning in digital arts, so this is just a perfect vacation for me! I used Paint Tool Sai this time, because it doesn’t load too much, no lag. I am very happy with SAI, except that it has very few options compared to Adobe PS and AI. Anyways, it’s just very light and easy to use. Perfect for anime drawings. I love the smooth lines, and it’s brush stability option where you can use tablet to draw, and stablize the pen to make your lines look extremely smooth!

The options are all possible with adobe AI, but, the software is just too heavy for my asus laptop. So thank you SAI!

The first drawing is about a guy partying, I made everything through freehand, and I such at drawing guys! Hehe….And this image is PG, because the guy is holding a drink. But the bio on the contest says he this kind of guy.



Contest 1 Kieran

Anyways, I made another one because the contest allows 2 entries. This time, I filled the image with music! The bio also states that the character loves music, and I so love music, so here we go!

I used mixed media on these artworks. I love using traditional drawing when making the base, then finalizing everything using digital softwares because it looks clean.





More artworks to be posted on my site this month. So stay tuned!

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