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Yohoooo! Finally, I finished this digital painting that’s inspired by the works of Stanley Lau, and the pose of Ms. Vanessa Hudgens!

It took me more than 1 day, almost 2 days from drawing the draft, line art, and coloring. But it was worth it. I just wasn’t able to make the skin more like Mr. Stanley Lau, maybe because I need more practice! 🙂

I used both photoshop and illustrator for this, and gosh I experienced a lot of loading on my laptop because of the size of the picture. I saved this in 5000x in the longest side, and I added a lot of layers, as well as backup layers, so that everything will look clear and precise. But well anyway, it’s worth trying!

Here’s my lineart:

vanessa hudgens line art-01


And this is Vanessa’s pose:


And finally, the result!

vanessa hudgens colored final


Yes, I made a lot of changes to Vanessa so that the image will look like the girls from Justice League, or comic style. I want it to look like a fantasy, but colorful image.

I hope this inspires you too. If you have any feedbacks and suggestions, please let me know below! Cheers!

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