Girl Reading Bible Digital Painting with SAI and Photoshop

The Making of Girl Reading Bible Painting

Hello again! I made a new artwork using the things I’ve learned recently. First, I want my work to look like anime, a chibi, or anything cute, then I want the colors to pop out and look very saturated. So I used contrast, then I also used proper lightings and proportion this time. I applied this to my girl reading Bible digital painting using paint tool sai and adobe photoshop.

The theme for my work is about the Bible. Of course you know already that I am a Christian and am very inspired with the Bible and Christian Music. That is why I entitled this work as girl reading Bible.

I used mixed softwares, SAI, photoshop and illustrator. I really need these tools to make all my artworks.

Here are the photos:


Girl reading bible


Take a look at the lines here. A good friend of mine commented on deviantart one time and explained this to me. He said that I should use bolder lines for deepers parts of the body. Then use the thinner lines to the highlighted areas. I thought, well that is such a great suggestion. I will be using that for my future artworks.


Girl reading bible


This is the final rendered work for my girl reading bible painting. I am very satisfied with the result. But I still need more help, because I want it to be perfect! I keep on practicing with my wacom bamboo tablet. It is easier to have a tablet to draw things. I feel that it’s very smooth and the lines are better and has smoother colors. You just need so much practice to get used to it.

Please comment below for your feedbacks, suggestios for this girl reading bible painting! I feel that there is still something missing, that’s why I am looking for suggestions and advice. You can also go to my deviantart account to view or post your feedbacks! It would mean so much to me if you share what you know. Thank you!

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