Queen Bemsa

So this is how awesome Frozen movie is to me….I still can’t get over it!

I’ve been viewing a lot of music videos on youtube, and I saw this let it go version of the piano guys on youtube which really took my breath away! If I close my eyes, I can imagine myself as queen Elsa, so that’s why I was so inspired to make this wallpaper. I just added my face on it, to remind me that I am still me, not Elsa…lol!

I used bamboo tablet and adobe photoshop, used different brushes, added shadows and highlights to achieve a 3d look, but still I want to preserve the imagination thingy on this drawing. I added a lot of sparkles to it! And it looks magical! I think I made my dreams come true already.

The piano guys inspired

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Hi, I am a children's book illustrator and CG artist for 6 years already. I will create cute and fun illustrations and 3D assets you need!

I am full-time working online. My breaks: half day every Saturday, and whole day for Sundays.

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