Colored or Black n White – Still Fashion

Oh, this one. I am really in love with this one while working. I used my sister’s picture again. She asked me if I can edit one picture of her using Demi Lovato’s picture, because she wanted to see herself in a different hairstyle. So I edited one, and designed it with the colored and black n white. I am so inspired that it really looks great for me.

The technique is still using the quick select option, the liquify, and the color adjustmets. Then I made it black n white, and erased the other parts using a hard brush. And woah…it ended with a great effect. I really love it. Check out the picture of Demi, and the edited one Below:

And here is my sissy:

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The design in so cool, and I decided to use a cute theme “Still Fashion”. 🙂

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