Cute Adoptable OC – Jake

Here’s my latest cute adoptable character. It’s green and yellow, and looks so cute and cuddly. I realized that making cute characters is so much fun than making the serious paintings, with super deep meaning. Hehe, this one is so fun, and at the same time I can practice styles and techniques to make a character look soooo cute.

I used mixture of softwares. I am very convenient using paint tool sai for making very smooth lines, and adjustable thickness. But I also loved vector quality with adobe illustrator, and the freedom in using photoshop for rasterized images. Basically, I used the three softwares to make this.

I hope I achieved it here – the super cute adoptable little monster. But I am still longing to draw an even cuter one. So stay tuned, I’ll update my new artworks here! Wanna buy prints? Just buy here on my website, or go to my all in one shop!

Cute adoptable
Cute adoptable

Cute adoptable with back

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Hi, I am a children's book illustrator and CG artist for 6 years already. I will create cute and fun illustrations and 3D assets you need!

I am full-time working online. My breaks: half day every Saturday, and whole day for Sundays.

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