Girl Illustration by Me – Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes!

Girl Illustration

Hello guys! I made another anime vector colored artwork. Kraken’s New Fashionable Shoes! Pink Girl Illustration by Me. It’s a cute pink girl illustration named Kraken. And this is also an entry for a contest on deviantart: Contest Link

I think I am loving joining the contest, it motivates me, and at the same time helps me practice my skills in arts! Now I know how to color an anime style artwork, how the shadows should look like and stuff. I’d like to practice even more, through making more complicated artwork.

It is challenging however, because the character is made by someone. So you’ll have to study the idea of the owner of the character. The idea should be transferred to your drawing. What I just loved more about this is that it’s girly and fashionable. I can add as many sparkles and pink colors in my Girl illustration!

This is an original character made by:  cioccoMELLO

Theme is “ONE CHARACTER” to draw one of the characters provided.

I so love the character Kraken because she loves shoes, and fashion! That’s her description based on the maker of the character. As what I have mentioned above, I can have the freedom to add as many colorful and dazzling stuff in her! It brings out my inner vision of a beautiful girl!

You can check my DA page here:


So here are my the making process. I started with the basic pen and paper. This is to make a draft, and to easily draw in freehand the image. I can also use ink in this step. But, from traditional pencil drawing, I directly draw it digitally without ink.

girl illustration

It honestly, takes too much time doing the line art. It’s feels so hassle doing this, because I’m a little bit impatient. Seriously! But anyways, I have managed to finish the line art. And the best part is coloring! I just didn’t know that I should have used proper thickness or thinness of the lines, maybe next time. It looks so dry.

girl illustration


And here is the final output. I’ve added, shadows and highlights. I also realized that using different colors as highlights or shadow looks great too. And the last part whch gives the pop is adding the sparkles! And of course a city background to make her look like a city girl who loves shopping.

girl illustration

Thanks for viewing this Girl Illustration blog. I’ll update you guys for new artworks!!!! Just comment below for your suggestions or feedbacks!

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