Miley Cyrus Wallpaper – Edited in Adobe Photoshop Personalized

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Introducing my first Wallpaper for December 2011! It really rocks. It looks really mine, hehe, but let me tell you the secret.


I am really enjoying this Wallpaper. It’s the body of Miley Cyrus, and the real  wallpaper is this one:

Big difference, hehe, I took off her head again. Sorry Miley, I just love her wallpaper, it looks so nice, the dress the pose, and the lights, and also her hair and her face is so cool here. So to make the dream come true, make it your own wallpaper. Personalized!

Here is what I did, basically, I took a picture of myself doing the same pose, and edited the face using again, very useful site. Then I cropped the head, and placed it on Miley’s , I erased Miley’s head and changed it to mine, then to make sure it wont look funny, I added a very glowy effect. And added some noise, it is now really cool, personalized wallpaper!


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