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Finally, I finished a really anime style artwork. I’ve been studying the right anime drawing style since yesterday, copying different heads, expressions and eyes, and wew, it’s worth it! I downloaded a lot of pictures of anime wallpapers for inspiration, at the same time, I also saved different styles of eyes, and anime body parts. 

I used mixture of softwares for this. First I used SAI for the lineart, because I love the stabilizer. Then, coloring is still using SAI, I made sure every line is locked so that it will be easier to fill colors to it. Then, I used adobe illustrator for the frame, and the background. I finalized everything, the position of the frames, the background, lights, and text using adobe photoshop.

I didn’t know there are really technical things to consider in drawing anime, that’s why my works are not looking anime, even though I thought they’re supposed to be anime.

And honestly, this took me probably 5-6 hours all in all. About 2 hours last night, then 3-4 hours today for lining, and coloring. I think this time it’s easier because I know how to make an easier way, just filling in the spaces and making sure the lines are locked so that I can color fast!

Right now, I am practicing more body positions, and getting more detailed with the clothing. These things are getting very complicated. I have to decide where to place the right shadows, and lights, where the brightest, and the darkest color should be and etc. I am planning on mixing the principles of anime with comics like avengers, or making celebrities a manga character. Haha….just comment below for your suggestions, feedback,….etc

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