Rocker Rider Wallpaper – Orange Car for a Cool You!

Full size here

Alright, since I just upgraded my adobe photoshop from CS4-CS5 I tried their best features (Quick Selection Tool W). I used this tool to crop or remove my object from the background. Here are the pictures.

Original pictures:

Drew David at the Airport

Drew David at the Airport


And this is the Background Car Wallpaper:

Orange Aston Martin Vantage Car

Orange Aston Martin Vantage Car


Use Quick Selection tool to select the image. You will see the circle of the brush with the plus sign in the center. If you press ALT on your keyboard, it becomes minus sign. It means if you see the plus sign you are adding a selection. Minus will be removing part of your selection.

Once you already selected the image, another cool thing to remember is the “refine edge” tool at the top of the photoshop while the image is selected. If you click it, you will see more options such as adding radius which would provide refining of the image’s hair or difficult edges. You can also experiment on other options…really cool.

Click this link for the final image or view the main picture above: Full size here


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