Monster University Movie Poster Acrylic Painting Illustration by Me

monster university

Monster University

Here’s my latest artwork. This is the Monster University  – A disney / Pixar Movie Poster Painting done using acrylic paints. It’s an amazing and awesome film made by Disney Pixar. I finished this within about 4 hours. It was really fun because I used a very shiny illustration board which is a bit expensive. I used the kelly artboard. It’s so shiny that I cannot use or add water to the acrylic paint. I can only use pure acrylic paints.

I just love Mike Wazowski and James sullivan here. They look so swag, cute and amazing! If you like these guys too, make sure to share this post to your friends. I also posted this my Monster University painting on my DA and behance. Mike and James, they’re just lovely. The movie is also funny, cute and very inspiring. I can relate to Mike’s story, hehe. I remembered my face in front of the gate on my first day of school in college. I think I’m gonna make a new project related to this. I am so inspired!!!!

I’ve been drawing many artwork this past few days, but they’re not as nice as the ones I made using acrylic so I think I like my acrylic paintings than the ones drawn using pencil. Honestly, they’re more vibrant. I love colors! You can check out my everyday artworks through my instagram page

I will be posting more in the next few weeks because I just learned new stuff from school. Probably I will be posting digital files. More works will be added here soon so stay tuned.
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Monster university

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