Welcome Home You – Brian Littrell – Music Video w/ Lyrics featuring Cebu, Philippines Amazing Views

Check this amazing video posted on Youtube from my Official Youtube Channel.

We have a lot of pictures in Cebu, and it is really nice, just added some effects and enhanced the colors, the pictures look great now! Then of course, I used a very wonderful song by Brian Littrell, Welcome Home You. Check our my Official Youtube channel’s first release, and I will be uploading more in the future…I hope to have a nice camera to shoot best images in Cebu, and not just that, also to shoot nice pictures of the creation of God.

Also, I just want to let you know that I am using the Powerdirector 10 for this Video, the effects are so stunning, beautiful, it has a lot of particles, transitions, but the problem is the magic tool to auto create videos needs to be downloaded first, and it is very slow. What I love though is the slideshows, it has a lot of cool slideshows, and if your computer runs faster than mine, maybe you can create a more adorable video!

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