Erzen Black n White After

Black and White turned into Sepia Sun Kissed Adobe Photoshop Action

Here is a simple black and white-turn-into-sepia sun kissed tutorial. Open the black and white picture with adobe photoshop: This picture was taken using a DSLR camera. Then adjusted as black n white. Now what I did, I downloaded a pretty cool action to make it sepia-ish. To download the action Read more […]

Mactan Shrine - The beauty of Cebu - Bemmygail

Snowy Effect with Adobe Photoshop

View full size of the final image HERE. This picture is very old, and looks dull. I just opened all our outdoor pictures through picasa and found this picture. So what I did, I tried to enhance it through adobe. What I did,  I used the select option to select all the highlights of the picture….