Advertising Conference CAFA Cebu 2014 #Adcon

Advertising Arts Today, 9/29/2014 9:40 AM at the CAFA (College of Architecture and Fine Arts) Theater, we had an amazing conference! It is because we’ve learned new things from great artists with extremely awesome and blessed gifts. For the purpose of documentation of what important things I’ve learned Read more […]

Princess Pink Art Request

Princess Pink – Original Character

  Finally, I finished a really anime style artwork. I’ve been studying the right anime drawing style since yesterday, copying different heads, expressions and eyes, and wew, it’s worth it! I downloaded a lot of pictures of anime wallpapers for inspiration, at the same time, I also saved different Read more […]

Best Youtube Digital Art Speed Tutorials

Everytime I want to draw something, I always use google and youtube to get inspiration and to remind myself how to do some digital painting. And whenever I search for youtube videos, I always want to view the video that’s short enough and fast forwarded. I honestly don’t like much talking in a video Read more […]

Week 2 – Artworks around us

Okay guys, so I thought I could share another set of inspirational artworks here. These works are not mine, these are from friends, and famous artists that inspire me. First, is from my good friend Chanie. Again, I will only use screennames for privacy purposes. I think the hair details is cool. Very Read more…

AD:Mission 2013 Day One

Yey! It was another awesome experience, exposure, new friends, new learning day!!!! September 25 2013 @ CAFA – Theater, Talamban, Cebu city! We had great speakers on day one. I’ll list the 4 speakers below: Excemplary and creative designer, a very cool editorial illustrator working in Times Read more […]

First Month at School of Fine Arts

Hi guys!   I’ve been busy, SO busy in the past few weeks that I really have no time posting new updates about design, arts, beauty and even the new things I’ve learned – whether through experiment or through studying…   Anyway, I’d like to show some of the things that happened Read more […]

Purple and Pink Day – Haziel Fashion

Hello fashionistas, photographers, and digital artists! Here’s a very quick photoshoot on the road with my friend Haziel! I know, her name is cute and has a unique spelling. But anyway, check out the colors of the picture, check out the clarity, the blur, and of course check out the fashion, glamour Read more […]

Understanding Layers In Adobe Photoshop – Basic I

Hi everyone! I know that if you have a desire about designing, you are really eager to learn the tools used to create fantastic designs. When I was in high school, I leaned photoshop. But I did not have any internet that time, and only had pure program, no researching included. I always open adobe…

Mactan Shrine - The beauty of Cebu - Bemmygail

Snowy Effect with Adobe Photoshop

View full size of the final image HERE. This picture is very old, and looks dull. I just opened all our outdoor pictures through picasa and found this picture. So what I did, I tried to enhance it through adobe. What I did,  I used the select option to select all the highlights of the picture….