Cebu Farmer’s Market: Still Want That Healthy Lifestyle?

Still Want That Healthy Lifestyle? Here in the city you have so many options where to eat and what to eat. It’s also an option to pursue that healthy living or just procrastinate. But, your health is way important than limited pleasure so you need to decide today! Do you still want that healthy lifestyle?…

Bigfoot’s IAFT Open House and End of Term Screening 2014

  First time to visit IAFT, or International Academy of Film and Television here in Lapu-lapu, and it was sooo awesome! We are invited for the Open House and end of term screening: Friday, May 23, 2014 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at One Hollywood Blvd. Bigfoot and Media Park, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Read more […]

AD:Mission 2013 Day One

Yey! It was another awesome experience, exposure, new friends, new learning day!!!! September 25 2013 @ CAFA – Theater, Talamban, Cebu city! We had great speakers on day one. I’ll list the 4 speakers below: Excemplary and creative designer, a very cool editorial illustrator working in Times Read more […]

First Month at School of Fine Arts

Hi guys!   I’ve been busy, SO busy in the past few weeks that I really have no time posting new updates about design, arts, beauty and even the new things I’ve learned – whether through experiment or through studying…   Anyway, I’d like to show some of the things that happened Read more […]

Welcome Home You by Brian Littrell

Welcome Home You – Brian Littrell – Music Video w/ Lyrics featuring Cebu, Philippines Amazing Views

Check this amazing video posted on Youtube from my Official Youtube Channel. We have a lot of pictures in Cebu, and it is really nice, just added some effects and enhanced the colors, the pictures look great now! Then of course, I used a very wonderful song by Brian Littrell, Welcome Home You. Check Read…

Bemmygail fashion ordinary day

Fashion Style for the day – Sunday Ordinary Outfit with flowery top and Jeans with cool bag

Hi everyone, today I just enjoyed the ukay2x clothes, and really want to share the style I wear on Sunday. I am simply wearing the Ukay2x blouse for Php100 for 4 items, isn’t it nice? I am also wearing the nice and cool bag which is also from ukay2x, just Php230, really amazing. The bag…